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Designing Embedded Hardware (review only)

Designing Embedded Hardware is written by M. Rafiquzzaman. This digital logic and Microcomputer design book is published by Wiley-Interscience. This is book is a good reference for electronics & computer engineers who want to know about microcomputers with clear and simple presentation of the principles and basic tools for designing digital systems. You will learn computer design such device level, logical level and system level design. Moreover this book covers Boolean algebra, combination and sequential logic design, assembly language programming, microprocessor based system design and more.
Designing Embedded Hardware explains you the following topics.
  1. You will learn digital circuits, gate, flip flop level circuits, design of combination and sequential circuits.
  2. This book explains you microcomputer organization, architecture, programming concepts, computer instruction sets, CPU, memory and I/O, etc.
  3. Moreover you will learn system design features with Microprocessors such as Intel and Motorola.
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Designing Embedded Hardware

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